If you intend to sell your home immediately, it’s not a good idea to sink your investments into pricey remodels. Instead, target each part of your home to clean, tune, declutter, tidy and update the fine details.

The Yard

Tidying up the yard is an inexpensive tune-up that can go a long way toward making a good first impression. This entails making sure you have cleaned and mowed the lawns, pruned trees, and  and flower beds. Additionally, trees with unstable overhanging branches can be a threat to the house when storms strike. Make sure that your home doesn’t lose value just because the yard needs mowing.

Unkempt trees and bushes can block entryways and make your curb appear darker than it is. Reba Haas explains that “Overgrown landscaping is a problem at all price points… People say, ‘Where’s the house?’ If buyers can’t see what they are getting, they just move right on.”

Check for Functionality

Fix broken windows and cracked panes, and make sure that all windows can open, especially any that could be painted shut. This is a good time to replace or repair leaky windows, storm doors, and rusty rain gutters. 


Make sure that any vital systems such as air conditioning and cooling networks are working properly and efficiently as well. Buyers won’t be interested in a home that unnecessarily expensive to cool.

Make sure all your light bulbs are working and that all light sources are fully functional. Homeowners like to come in and see everything working properly.

Fix Plumbing Issues

Some minor plumbing issues are perfectly livable, and it can take extra effort to want to snake a slow drain or tighten up a minor leak. Trying to sell your home needs to be an impetus for that effort. 

A plumbing problem that may pose a slight inconvenience to you and your family might very well be a deal breaker when it comes to selling your house.

If you’re ready to sell, it’s a good idea to tone down any loud wall colors or wallpaper choices with neutral paint.

This allows potential buyers to more easily imagine what they could do with the space. This includes touch-ups to cabinetry and whatever else you have in your house that can be tidied or brightened with a coat of paint.

Quick and Inexpensive Bathroom Tune-up

This tune-up doesn’t sound like much when compared to luxurious bathroom remodels, but a couple hundred dollars’ investment can return itself plus more, all while making your home a much more attractive option to potential buyers. Consider doing the following:

  • Convert any frosted glass in the bathroom to clear glass
  • Clean grout
  • Remove rust stains
  • Update doorknobs and cabinet pulls

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